Get Ready for Spring

“Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.”

-John Muir

As so many of you know, I am a big fan of John Muir and his epic adventuring throughout California wilderness.  Therefore, who better to concisely explain the current seasonal landscape: joyful, enthusiastic and industrious in the face of exciting changes.

Spring, in Chinese medicine and theory, is considered yang within yin.  That is, it embodies the bright upward moving tendrils of new life and warmer weather, while still holding a hint of the colder, darker, more internal tone of winter.  We see it in the bulbs starting to sprout green beginnings, in the fresh crops of nettles and spinach in the farmers markets, of snow just starting to melt, and of course in the longer days that beckon us to get out and play after work- if only for a few minutes.  On a more metaphorical level, spring is a great time to begin to put into practice ideas that germinated in the more quiet reflective months of winter.

Acupuncture can help your body transition into spring by aiding circulation and supporting liver function.  Now is a great time to prepare for the seasonal shift that is just around the corner.

So what are some ways for you prepare for spring? Here are a few ideas:

  • Follow that voice that tells you to take a hike outside.
  • Clean out the cobwebs in dark corners of your home or office (and your email inbox!)
  • Start a creative project.
  • Enroll in a class, and be a beginner, with all of the verdant enthusiasm of beginners.
  • Eat something green and fresh that you may have never tried before.
  • Come in for a seasonal acupuncture tune-up if you haven’t been in for a while!

Spring forth!

In Good Health,


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