At Larson Acupuncture, we help you reduce pain and heal from illness and injury.  Through the time-tested tools of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Maya abdominal massage, we provide safe effective tools to foster wellness in the mind and body.

Located in San Francisco’s Marina district, Larson Acupuncture specializes in treating women’s health conditions, including fertility and peri-natal care, dermatology, chronic and acute pain, and stress.

Larson Acupuncture San FranciscoSpecifically, we can support you in healing from menstrual pain, hormonal imbalances, fertility challenges, pregnancy and postpartum, digestive disorders such as IBS, pelvic and lower back pain, symptoms related to stress and anxiety, and more.

Our approach considers patients’ individual needs and health priorities in order to increase vitality, reduce suffering and prevent illness.

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We accept many insurance plans.